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Cattle Dog Forge

hand forged, hand crafted, quality knives by daniel moye

Cattle Dog Forge, LLC is located in Watkinsville, Georgia and is the workplace of artisan bladesmith Daniel Moye, offering a wide variety of handcrafted fixed blade field knives, kitchen knives, oyster knives and letter openers that are designed to be as beautiful as they are functional.

My knives and letter openers are forged in the traditional way by hand, one at a time, on an anvil with a hammer. The handles are shaped, sanded and finished by hand and then meticulously attached to the blade. The entire process takes several days to complete. Each Field Knife comes with a custom leather sheath made by hand for that specific knife by leathersmith Bud Siniard of Upland Custom Leather, also of Watkinsville. The sheaths are standardly made right-handed. If you would like a left-handed sheath, please contact me before the purchase, as there will be an extra charge or a delay in purchase or shipment. Kitchen knives will be provided with a protective cover for transport (not for storage).


Each knife is made from high carbon steel and is differentially quenched to achieve maximum edge retention and to allow “flexibility” of the spine.  All tangs are forged with a taper to improve the strength and balance of the overall knife.  Each step in the making of your knife, including the heat treatment, is done in house.

Knives are available through this web site, or you can view my current inventory by appointment.  I invite you to contact me through the web site with any inquiries, to arrange a visit or to schedule a consultation concerning custom work, special orders or special projects.  Custom work and special projects are welcomed and encouraged.


Each handcrafted knife from Cattle Dog Forge comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that documents the date of completion, all dimensions and material used in its construction and any unique features.  On the back is a Post-it Note that has been cut by that knife to demonstrate its sharpness. The knives carry a lifetime (as long as forge is operational) guarantee for normal and non-abusive use.


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