My 2 dear friends, Robert and Julie Rivers, have been after me to make them oyster knives.  They are both originally from Florida and love to go scalloping.  With their help in design and after much research, i forged these 2 "prototypes".  They will be taking them to Florida in a week or so to est them out.  If all goes well, oyster knives will be available at Cattle Dog Forge soon!

Both are hand forged from 1084 high carbon steel and then clay quenches to produce a central Hamon Line. The upper knife was made for Julie with a stabilized dark Myrtle wood handle and peened brass pins.  It is 6 11/16 in length with a blade length of 2 15/16".  The bottom one is for Robert.  The handle is stabilized Cocobolo with peened copper pins.  The blade is 2 15/16" in length and has an overall length of 6 5/8" 

Daniel Moye