Last Knife in a Set of 3

This paring knife is the third in a set of three knives that where made for for Larry and Linda Hamrick.  The first was a chef's knife and then a prep knife.  This knife is forged from Hitachi Blue Paper steel #2 and has a distinct and beautiful Hamon Line.  The knife is 7 15/16" in length with a 3 1/2" blade.  The handle is Arizona Desert Ironwood.  The collar and end cap are copper with hammer textured faces.  There are black/white spacers and a single peened copper pin.  It has a full tand construction with the tand peened onto end cap.

Linda said:  " I absolutley love the knives you made for me!  The addition of the paring knife adss the icing to the cake.  I've used it constantly since Larry brought it home.  And they fit my hand perfectly!  As someone who cooks to relax and enjoy family, your knives have added beauty and pleasure to whatever I'm cooking up for the crew.  So thank you for my knives.  Your passion and craft have brought great joy to my kitchen!----------Thank you for the kind words, encouragement and cotinues support. 

Daniel Moye