If this knife looks familiar to you, that is because I essentially made the same knife in April 2015 for the same gentleman (in previous blog).  It was designed for him to clean rabbits—he is a big rabbit hunter. Unfortunately, the original cleaned a few deer, but never any rabbits.  The knife, along with other personal items, was stolen from his truck in the parking lot at the hospital in Monroe. GA while he was visiting his grandmother.   He wanted another —here it is.  It is basically a copy of the first (1095 HC steel; blade about 3” in length (with notch to break  rabbits’ legs) and overall length of about 7 1/4”;  peened brass pins and brass lanyard tube;  the handle is elk (these scales were made from the antlers of an elk the customer killed a few years ago).  The sheath is by Upland Leather and was modified from the original with a strap to better secure the knife and customer’s request.

Daniel Moye