Wootz Steel

Cattle Dog Forge is excited to have found a great source of Wootz steel.  For those not familiar with Wootz steel, it is a crucible produced high carbon steel that forms a beautiful swirling or fern-like pattern on the surface of the steel brought out by the etching of the steel.  This is the result of the production of micro carbides within the steel due to impurities in the ore.  (As opposed to damascus or pattern-welded steel, which creates a pattern in the steel by blending 2 or more different steels).  It originated in South India in the 6th Century B.C.  The method to produce it was “lost” for centuries.  The technique was reconstructed in the 20th Century by J.D. Verhoeven and Al Pendray, among others.  This steel is renowned for its toughness and sharpness.

Daniel Moye